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DC&G specializes in private equity transactions in Latin America, with particular emphasis in the Mercosur countries.

For Financial Investors DC&G:

  • Identifies specific investment opportunities with considerable competitive advantages.
  • Evaluates the investment targets and helps negotiate the terms of the investment subsequent to due diligence.
  • Structures and negotiates unique direct investments with adequate corporate governance, reporting and valuation controls.

For Corporations and Business Owners DC&G:

  • Obtains capital for expansion, acquisitions, management buy-outs and buy-ins, turnarounds and re-financings.
  • Arranges for the management team to become equity shareholders.
  • Searches for financial investors thus reducing the conflict inherent in approaching trade competitors.

During a Typical Engagement DC&G:

  • Assists with financial projections and values the company.
  • Determines the amount of capital to be raised, structuring the combination of securities and senior or subordinated debt.
  • Develops a comprehensive term sheet and prepares a private placement memorandum.
  • Markets the deal to institutional investors and negotiates its terms.

Asst Management
Asset Management - DC&G provides the experience and competence found in larger firms to qualified high-net-worth individuals with the attention and expediency of a smaller enterprise.
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Venture Capital
Venture Capital - These transactions mainly depend on our professional assessment of the merits of a typically new or revolutionary idea to be implemented in a major OECD market or the implementation of an established US practice overseas.
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Private Equity
Private Equity -DC&G specializes in private equity transactions in Latin America, with particular emphasis in the Mercosur countries.
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Consulting Mergers and Acquisition
Consulting Mergers and Acquisition - DC&G assists clients in the design and implementation of corporate acquisition and divestiture programs, restructuring and strategic alliances, and a variety of similar non-recurring transactions relating to financial structure and corporate control. Several consulting assignments include debt restructurings and the relationship with local and external creditors
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